This even amazed me...

I have been in the wedding videography business for more than 20 years. I was thinking the other day how fortunate that I receive the majority of my business from referrals from happy brides and grooms. I started thinking about how many families that I have produced more than one wedding for. As I looked over my past calendars, I was surprised at that number of families.

Here’s a quick list of families and I am sure I have forgotten a few:

Billie, Magistro, Zanke, Chirpas, Sparachane, Contraguerro, McGilton, Mull, Kneirim, Johnson, Kennamond, Hart, Marinacci, Kostival, Barricklow, Kiger, Doyle, Arno, Schaefer, Wack, Moscato, Husek, Shutler, Teachout, Collins, Duffin, Shallcross, Schuller, Young, Kleeh, Zambito, Holenka, Gallagher, Ballint, Edwards, Greer, Rohrig, Wilson, Vavrek, Thalman, Butch, Baker, Dunlap, Hawthorne, Schwertfeger, Madzia, Fletcher, Morgan and Gantzer.

Thank you for entrusting your wedding days with me.

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