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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose to use your services for my wedding day?

Experience and Passion.  I have been in the video business since 1983. More than 350 brides and grooms have trusted me with their cherished day. This experience allows me to move unobtrusively around the church and in the reception hall. I am always pleased to hear comments like, “We can’t believe you didn’t miss a thing.”


Being a professional videographer, I take pride in finding beautiful and unique camera angles that enhance your special day. Close-ups are vital to telling the wedding story. I pride myself on my camera work.  Let’s face it. If your wedding videographer isn’t creative, watching a wedding reception can become tedious.  


My passion for wedding videography can be described very simply. I make every attempt to create a unique film that you will cherish and share for years to come.


What should I look for in a wedding videographer?

Don’t be afraid to shop around. Ask for a demo of a videographer’s work. I always include a highlight demo of many weddings, but I think it’s important to include a demo of an entire wedding as well. The reason is that you will get a true idea of what you’re likely to see on your final wedding flashdrive and dvd by viewing an entire wedding demo. 


If you don’t like a videographer’s demo, it’s very unlikely that you will be pleased with his or hers production of your wedding video. Be very leery if a wedding videographer cannot supply you with a demo. You wouldn’t buy a wedding cake without seeing and trying a bite from a baker or spend hundreds of dollars at your florist without seeing their wedding flowers.


Let's talk on the phone first and I will be glad to e-mail you my wedding demo showing my work over the course of a wedding day and examples of gold, silver and broze wedding packages so you can decide which one best fits your budget and needs.


Does equipment make a noticeable difference?

I use state of the art Canon and Sony professional digital cameras. Professional digital video cameras give greater clarity in picture quality. To use layman’s terms, the quality of my cameras is broadcast quality—meaning that it meets the standards for airing on television stations. All images are digitally recorded. My video camera was voted by “Videomaker” magazine as best in its class the last two years. (Canon XF-605)

I use seven cameras including gimbal cameras, an action camera, a 360 degrees camera and a drone at each wedding to capture your wedding from many angles.


I edit your wedding on Apple Final Cut Pro editing system that is used in many Hollywood feature films. It allows me to add beautiful graphics, create stunning titles, and mix music seamlessly. Another unique feature is the use of professional quality wireless microphone placed on the groom to enhance the sound quality of the vows.  I also use a handheld wireless microphone for interviews and karaoke singing at the reception.


Can I make changes to what I see on your wedding demos?

Absolutely. I strive to make each wedding unique. I work with the bride and groom to learn their preferences. I take extensive notes about what the bride and groom would like to see in their wedding video. 


Sometimes, brides would like to see less of some things and more of others. For example, I have had some brides request no interviews at the reception. I have had some brides say that they would like to have more interviews of guests. 


I strongly suggest that the bride and groom ask me many questions about my videography services. In return, I make every attempt to meet your requirements and suggestions. 


One important aspect is music.  I think it is vital that the bride and groom make the musical choices. This is your day. This is your wedding video. The music should be music that you enjoy and represent your favorites.

Do you have time limits and hourly rates?

I know that you will find videographers or photographers who charge by the hour or have limitations on the hours that they will shoot.  Here’s my take on that notion:  I usually arrive at least 90 minutes prior to the ceremony to learn the layout of the church and the rules of the presiding pastor, minister, priest or rabbi. I do not leave the reception until the bride and groom exit.


My experience tells me that many times the reception really gets going during the last hour or even the last thirty minutes. I think that it is crucial for me to shoot video until the completion of the reception. This is one of my biggest selling points that sets me apart from other videographers.


How long until my wedding video is completed?

My turnaround time for the completion of wedding videography is approximately 8-10 weeks. In 2023, all of my brides and grooms received their final product by the 8-10 weeks from their wedding date.


This is an area that you should check out with whatever videographer you hire. I have heard horror stories of couples not receiving their wedding video before their first anniversary.


What areas do you serve?  Will you travel?

I predominantly cover the Ohio Valley without mileage costs. However, I have shot weddings in Columbus, Canton, Dayton and Pittsburgh. I’ll go practically anywhere for a modest additional fee.  

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